Recent 6th Grade Activities

6th Grade Fall Picnic 2017 (Video and Photo Gallery)

6th Grade Fall Picnic 2017


6th Grade 2017-2018 Overview


2017-18 Sixth Grade Planning Co-Chairs: Stefani Watterson and Seana Hale


At SLES, there is a unique tradition of making 6th grade a very special year for our Dolphins. Parents and 6th grade students come together to sponsor a variety of activities that support team-building, community service and leadership development all while having fun and making special memories that last a lifetime.


Our biggest fundraiser is Rock n Run. Money is earned as a grade and all money collected (minus class prizes and fundraiser costs) goes directly to funding our 6th grade budget.


The 6th grade families will also plan and sponsor Bingo Night, Harvest Fest, and potentially other fundraising events such as restaurant night to fund our special events.

Overall, the goal is to raise enough funds to support:

  • Fun Fall Kick-Off Picnic
  • Class t-shirts
  • Lock-In (January 19th)
  • June 1 field trip to Baltimore (visit to include Aquarium and Sciene Museum)
  • Promotion Ceremony to mark the transition to middle school
  • Class Gift to be enjoyed by future SLES students

Leadership and Volunteers

Although parents coordinate the nuts and bolts of these activities, it is the 6th grade kids who make them happen. They take leadership in designing the Harvest Fest activities, especially the Haunted House. They will meet together prior to the event to plan, design, and build whatever ideas they come up with. They also help lead Bingo Night -- getting prizes ready, calling out numbers, and selling baked goods. Through these volunteer efforts, they learn valuable life skills, make new friends, and build their self-confidence. These, in turn, nurture their social network and foster skills and a support system that will help them enter middle school well prepared.

We would love to have your family take part in whatever way you are able. Please contact one of the co-chairs at the email address above and they can connect you with a team lead for the upcoming events.

Community Service

Did you know that all 6th graders are required to perform 5 hours of community service during their 6th grade year? Service learning is designed to encourage students to volunteer at school and in the community. Community service is important because it teaches our children compassion and understanding. It provides physical and mental rewards, and children gain valuable insight and experience from serving others. Researchers report that when you focus on others’ needs over your own, it ignites brain activity that reduces stress and depression. These are definitely good assets to have in place going into middle school.

To receive credit for volunteer activities, students must complete a community service form which explains what the student did, the number of hours they volunteered, and the signature of a supervising adult.

There are many ways you can get involved in community service, even by starting with cleaning out your closets at home!

Click here for the SLES community service time sheet and here for the community service letter.

We look forward to a year of fun ahead. Please stay tuned for more to come.