PTA Meeting Schedule

Meetings are generally scheduled to start at 7pm and take place in the SLES Library. Please view the event entry to confirm the time and location for each meeting.

No Upcoming Events

PTA Meeting Information

 PTA Meeting Schedule
    2017-2018 Meeting Schedule
 PTA Meeting Agendas
    November 2017 Agenda
    October 2017 Agenda
    September 2017 Agenda
    August 2017 Agenda

PTA Budget Files

 2018-2019 Budget

Initial Budget 05/03/18 

Draft Budget v1

 2017-2018 Budget

  Revised 03/08/18

Draft Budget v5 (with comments)

  Revised 02/07/18

Budget v4 (with comments)

  Revised 11/02/17

Approved Budget v3

Approved Budget v3 Notes

  Revised 09/21/17

Approved Budget v2

Approved Budget v2 Notes

  Initial Budget 08/31/17

Approved Budget v1 

PTA Financial Reports


Period 11: May

Management Report

  Period 10: Apr

Management Report

  Period 09: Mar

Management Report

Period 08: Feb

Management Report

  Period 07: Jan

Management Report

  Period 06: Dec

Management Report

  Period 04: Oct

Management Report

  Period 03: Sep

Management Report

  Reports run 10/03/2017

Actual vs Budget

Actual vs Budget by Class

Activity by Class

RnR Profit & Loss Statement

SW Profit & Loss Statement

  Periods 01-02: Jul-Aug

Management Report