Rock N Run 2017

Congratulations Team Stratford Landing on raising $87,585 for our school!

This means that the 2017-2018 Rock N Run fundraiser budget has been met this year - we will fund field trip buses, technology additions, STEAM curriculum and Care and Share needs such as school snacks and urgent clothing needs. Money raised will help to show love for our teachers and staff, pay for additional music instruments and classroom library books, and allow us to host community events like the Spelling Bee, Talent Show, Trash to Treasure night and Story Night.

Congratulations to the 6th grade, which, as a grade, raised $15,885 of the grand total to fund their class prizes, the class trip to Baltimore and class lock in.
Since we met our Rock N Run budget, we will be working with the school administration and teachers to pinpoint where those funds should go. If you have ideas of where you would like  funds to be spent, please contact or attend our November 2nd PTA meeting at 7pm in the library.
Listed below are the totals each class raised and the highest prize level the class reached. Thirteen classes reached the grand prize – the inflatable obstacle course! All of the classes earned at least a visit to the ice cream truck. Most of the classes earned $100 to spend on books at the book fair and $200 to spend on whatever the class chooses. And, because we surpassed our $60,000 goal, every student will get a chance to dunk our Principal or Vice Principals in a dunk tank!
Thank you to all of the families and friends of the school that donated!
Thank you also to the teachers, students and Administration for making this fundraiser possible. We could not have pulled this off without the help of Dr. Marshall, Ms. Shannon, Mrs. Prahl, Mrs. Pennington, Ms. Vonada, Ms. Moran, Mr. Fannon, Mr. Magee, Mr. Adams, Irma and the custodial staff, and every single teacher in the school who supported Rock ‘n Run in their classes!
Thank you to the Rock N Run Committee – Meredith Romley and Heather Condon (co-chairs) and all the core committee members - Kaci Angelone, Abbey Bressett, Jeneanne Cahill, Allison Dabbieri, Eric Danielsen, Melissa Edwards, Holly Ferry, Stephanie Fultz, Beth Hamilton, Alyssa Hjembo, Sara Jefferies, Caroline Jolly, Jessica Kidwell, Jeannie Lough, Jamie Mellon, Julie Margolis, Lise Sackett, Sharon Sydow, and Stefanie Watterson.
Thank you PTA Board for your on-going help and support – Jennifer Price, Keely Kirk, Allen Price, Sara Jefferies, Sharon Sydow, Anne Merchant, Lauren Labra, and Sandra Hodgkinson
Thank you to the 130+ volunteers who came out to help on run day with set up, clean up, water table, running classes and shirt marking – it takes a huge Stratford village!
Finally, thank you to the sponsors for their generosity! Your community support continues to be astounding! Thank you for supporting our school and making this community so strong.

Thank you to our generous sponsors:



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