Note: all forms must be completed in full, to include approvals, prior to submitting the form to the PTA for processing. Submit completed forms to the SLES PTA Treasurer.

Form Name/Information

All forms are fillable

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Fund Request Form

Used to request SLES PTA to pay for expense directly or receive pre-approval prior to incurring expense (recommended)
Reimbursement Request Form
Used to request reimbursement from the SLES PTA; recommendation is to submit Fund Request Form prior to incurring expense

Funds Collected Details Form
Used to list amounts received; submit along with Funds Collected Summary Form (fillable version of form)

Funds Collected Summary Form
Used to verify amounts received; submit to SLES PTA Treasurer along with actual funds received
Teacher Startup Reimbursement Request Form
Used by SLES teachers to obtain reimbursement for classroom startup expenses
Check Reissuance Form
Used to request replacement check(s)