Note: all forms must be completed in full to include approvals prior to submitting the form to the PTA for processing.

Form Name/Information

(submit approved form to SLES PTA Treasurer)

Link to Form
SLES PTA Membership Form
(form used for offline payments; to make payments online click here)

Fund Request Form

(used to request SLES PTA to pay for expense directly or receive pre-approval prior to incurring expense)
Reimbursement Request Form
(used to request reimbursement from the SLES PTA; submit Fund Request Form prior to incurring expense)
Funds Collected Details Form
(used to list amounts received; submit along with Funds Collected Summary Form)
Funds Collected Details Form (Fillable Version)
Funds Collected Summary Form
(used to verify amounts received; submit to SLES PTA Treasurer along with actual funds received)
Teacher Startup Reimbursement Request Form
(used by SLES teachers to obtain reimbursement for classroom startup expenses)
2017-2018 Teacher Startup Program Complete
Check Reissuance Form
(used to request replacement check(s)